Windshield Crack Types

The sight of a chip or crack in your vehicles windshield can be quite frustrating. Here are a couple types of cracks in windshields that we typically deal with and can be repaired depending on the size of each crack type.

Windshield cracks that can be repaired


Windshield CrackA crack is a line that forms on your vehicles windshield usually due to impact or uneven distribution of pressure. Cracks can consist of a straight or crooked line that can expand the width of your entire windshield. Smaller cracks can usually be repaired.

Star Break

Windshield Star BreakStar breaks occur when an object hits your windshield. Long cracks will extend out from the central location of where the impact occurred.

Bulls Eye

Windshield Bulls EyeA bull’s eye crack looks similar to a target or dart board in that it has concentric circles coming from the point of impact. A bull’s eye can turn into a combination break if not repaired.

Combination break

Windshield Combination CrackA combination break is a mixture of both a bull’s eye and star break. And it’s caused by debris or an already existing bulls eye crack.